We look forward to helping your company deploy Google Apps for Business or Office365, saving your business money, securing your data and helping you and your business be more productive.


Powerful & reliable. Reduce your IT costs and minimize the need for maintenance and administration.


Stay organized & on schedule. Find time with your team & publish calendars to the web.


Access your files anywhere. Share files or whole folders with individuals, your entire team or even customers and partners.


Connect with people. Text, voice, and video chat lets you see who’s online and connect instantly.


Maintain communication within your team, no matter where they are.


Build project sites or intranet pages with Google Sites, all without programming skills or technical expertise.


You CAN take it with you. Moving your existing data to the cloud can be done quickly, painlessly and remotely.

Work from anywhere

Work from any device. Secure, efficient access to all email, contacts, calendar and files from any location on any device.

Studies show that bringing CPP in to run your day-to-day operations saves the average business 10% in payroll costs! It’s like found money. Just imagine what you could do with that extra cash.


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Google Apps Migration

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Google Apps Training

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Office365 Deployment

Consider how much easier—and less expensive—your life would suddenly be if you never had to upgrade or replace computers or make software updates again. It’s another CPP advantage.

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Cloud Plus Partners helps you make the cloud work for your business. One of the quickest ways to benefit from the cloud is to transition away from expensive Microsoft Office software to Google Apps or Office365. Cloud Plus Partners can help you improve productivity and communications with no downtime for you. Contact us to find out how we can help you do this at no cost to you.

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